Conor is a lifelong Chicago resident with over three years of experience as a real estate broker. He first dipped into the market while working at an appraisal company, honing his knowledge of property valuation and the city’s diverse neighborhoods. When a colleague realized Conor’s passion for real estate, he suggested that Conor go for his broker’s license.

Accustomed to the ever-changing market, Conor enjoys being able to help his clients. Whether buying or selling, Conor loves being able to have a hand in his client’s property search. He always goes above and beyond for his clients to guide them to their real estate goals.

When not at Dream Town, Conor likes to unwind at his favorite Taylor Street eateries or cheering on his favorite teams (he roots for the White Sox, Bulls, and Bears yearlong). Conor loves the city’s unique architecture, admiring Chicago’s beautiful greystones and bungalows, and the standout Crain Communications Building downtown. He is also actively involved in the Special Olympics of Chicago, volunteering with the organization regularly.

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