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Make House Hunting Stress-Free with a Few Easy Tips

The hunt for your new home can be a stressful process, but following a few easy tips can make the process just a little easier. Simplify the search for your new dream home.

Stick to your budget – Getting pre-approved by your bank or mortgage lender not only saves time, it also narrows your search. You’ll have a better idea of your budget, and pre-approval streamlines the offer and closing process. Know your budget and stick to it to avoid financial stress down the road.

Don’t get distracted by easily fixed features – Potential homes may not live up to the vision in your head unless you design or build it yourself. Look beyond easily fixed features such as dingy carpet or dated wallpaper. If the property is within or under your budget, you’ll have the funds update and make it your own style.

Compile a “must have” list – Consider what you truly need out of your new home. Passionate about cooking? Focus on your kitchen needs. Loathe the idea of living on a bustling main street? Seek out quieter neighborhoods. Keeping your top priorities top of mind will help you stay focused on the homes with the highest potential.

Do your research – Get to know the areas where you are searching for homes. Consider commute times, public transportation options, schools, parks, walkability and nearby amenities. Get out and experience the neighborhood’s vibe day and night!

Whether you’re just starting your home buying journey or considering one in the future, these simple tips and tricks will help you on your way to home ownership happiness.

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